Why do we get dressed?

For many, UNIQLO has become a staple of the modern wardrobe, but for some it’s still a new brand in an already crowded market. Through the very first global campaign, we introduced UNIQLO as the fundementally different fashion label that it is. 


Everyday we get dressed. But why?
Why do you get dressed?

Do you just throw something on because you’re late?
Do you choose based on your mood? Or the weather?
The weather can change your mood just like that.

Do you ask yourself “Can I pull this off?”
Or “Am I fitting in?”
Why do you want to fit in?

Why do you get dressed?

Can a shirt change how you feel?
Warm colours release dopamine.
In other words, they can make you feel happy.   

Do you dress to protect yourself?

Something soft can make you feel secure.

Why do we get dressed? There’s no one answer.
But to make clothes for life, we’ll keep asking.

That’s the Science of LifeWear.


A sunset. A nice cup of coffee. A well-
dressed couple walking down the street.

This is beauty that we’re all capable
of seeing.

Easy beauty, so obvious and established,
that it doesn’t garner much conversation.

So what will? What can?

How about the beauty that lies beyond?
How about science?

The photosynthesis of sunrays touching skin.
How caffeine wakes us up.
A million neurons firing from a single touch.

It’s what lies underneath the superficial that forever fascinates us, and allows us to innovate.
When do we warm up, and why?
What happens to our bodies when we joke,
argue or fall in love?

How does “looking cool” work?

Why do we keep a piece of clothing
we know we’ll never wear again?

It’s through asking and answering these
questions, through studying everyday life,
that we appreciate the greater beauty,
innovate and make clothes that work harder for you.

A single touch becomes a drama of grand proportions.
A simple black T-shirt, a piece of complex technology.
A sole item, a lifetime purchase.

That’s the Science of LifeWear.
Uniqlo LifeWear.