Baseball is a numbers game

For Under Armour’s “It Comes From Below” campaign, we elevated Bryce Harper’s uniquely young and fast rise to baseball stardom—a sport defined by numbers, especially in the modern era.

To levarage this traditional tale while simultaneously emphasizing the unquantifyable variable of raw talent, we invited Bryce’ high school coach Sam Thomas to deliver the VO.

(see also the annotated version by Washington post)

Baseball is a numbers game.

A five hundred seventy foot home run at age 15.

31 homers in 66 games.

First front-cover at 16. 

Number 1 draft pick.

Majors at 19.

Over 100 home runs in 5 years as 34.

On base percentage of .340,
then .368, then .460.

4 time All-Star, 9.2 million ballots,
30 out of 30 MVP votes.

Chasing 7-6-2,   4-2-5-6,  
2-2-9-7,    3-5-6-2.

You’re 220 at age 23.

But kid, just remember,
no number sounds as good as this...

*WHACK of the bat*