Fueling a car with bullshit, oil creek and more

In 2015, Toyota’s most launched their most important car in two decades: the hydrogen-powered Mirai. But skepticism and ignorance abounded. With this campaign we didn’t need to sell a car, we needed to educate an entire country and change its perception.

With hydrogen being the most abundant element in the universe (it’s everywhere), we created Fueled by Everything, proving the potential of an endless fuel source that’s all around us.


With each episode we created further educational content around hydrogen, its potential and the processes that are in place for its production today.

For the big finale, we launched the Mirai on October 21, 2015—the day Marty and Doc arrived in a trash-fueled DeLorean in Back to the Future II. Making pop-culture dreams come true, we reunited these iconic heroes and showed them an actual trash-fueled car: