Continuous writing for clothing label OLAF HUSSEIN

Since its inception in 2014, I’ve been the main writer of OLAF HUSSEIN, supporting the founders—Hussein Yussuf and Daniël Sumarna—with all copy needs for their independent clothing label based in Amsterdam.

From finding a tone-of-voice for the brand, to capturing the essence of each collection in a manifesto, in-store statements and other abstract executions such as the In-Flight Announcement for the Fall Winter collection of 2017.

For the latest work and words see OLAF HUSSEIN’s Instagram.


A single definition of OLAF HUSSEIN would read: a clothing label based in Amsterdam. But the story of OLAF HUSSEIN requires a few more words.

In 2010, Hussein Yussuf started a denim label.

He called it OLAF HUSSEIN.

The use of these two names—each from a different part of the world—set the tone for a brand whose vision would reach far beyond the borders of the Netherlands.

Since 2014, the independent label is owned and led by Hussein Yussuf and Daniël Sumarna. Its range has expanded to a full collection that continuously finds inspiration in different countries and cultures.

Embodying a global citizen, frequent traveler and local tourist, the brand has become a thought that evolves with every season.

Objects and references collected on travels turn into the starting points of the design process.