Turning billboards into overnight public cinemas for A24

In summer 2019, New York based independent entertainment company A24 wanted to create its first-ever national brand moment.

Thus we created “A24 Public Access”: six minimally branded billboards across the country that became cinemas overnight, playing host to the movies, the areas and the fans that made A24 what it is today.

The billboards teased the events, donning only an A24 logo, and the date and time of the screening. The website gave an extra hint, showing the relevant aspect-ratio of the film as you scrolled through them, linking to the exact location on Google Maps. The locations were picked based on where the movies were made.

Lady Bird / Sacramento, CA 07.20 The Bling Ring / Van Nuys, CA 07.27 The VVitch / Ossipee, NH 08.06 Good Time / Queens, NY 08.10 The Spectacular Now / Athens, GA 08.17 Moonlight / Miami, FL 08.24

Created with Mythology Studio